written by Danny Silver / November 11 2012

Take one good handful of new music, insert into week, and crank until running perfectly. Get off and racing this week with Ecstasy, Slow Guys, Azealia Banks, St Germain and more...
What an insane week it has been. The Melbourne Cup horse race does crazy things to this city, and I’ve had the excitement of riding one of its waves. This hasn’t left much time for music hunting over then last seven days, but nonetheless there are still plenty of rad sounds to share with you. A handful of free downloads are stirred in as always, amongst the largely chilled out selection on offer this week, so make sure you share the love. On a side note, if you get the chance to test Soundcloud beta, jump on it as it has some fine features already. And of course, tune into The Gashe Radio Show from 6pm-8pm Melbourne time (GMT+11) every Monday to hear these and a bunch more fresh sounds.

Pále - Mists
This guy has done some amazing stuff this year, and I don’t think that will slow down any time soon. Presented here is one of those tunes that is so chilled and so mesmerising that it seems to just creep out of the speakers, snaking its way around your head and wrapping you in a sonic cool breeze. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need a slow-it-down anti-anthem to out-chill the other guy, then this is the one to play, and it’s a FREE download so you can can stash it up your sleeve straight away.

Ecstasy- Shinjuku Bride
I have no idea how I came upon this band, but this tune is really something cool. A powerfully uplifting spaceship of indie dance music, a little less weird than Animal Collective and with a lot more balls than MGMT, this should take you to spectral galaxies of colour and light. Driven by stadium sized accoustic bass kicks and sent into overdrive by gigantic synth lines, and topped off with chorused vocals, this is a big tune. I know little about this interestingly named band right now, but I think I’m going to go and do some digging.

California Wives - Tokyo (Different Sleep Remix)
Seems like this has just become the “Japanese city themed vocal synth pop” edition. Taking the hazy, electro shoe gaze sound of California Wives, Different Sleep have slowly build this track out into some swaying chillstep. The vocals get effected and filtered tastefully the click perfectly into place with the ticking half step/ double step beat. Thanks to the good people and Vagrant Records, this is up for FREE download at the moment, too.

St Germain - Rose Rouge (Leftside Wobble Remix)
This os one of the most unexpected and stunning remixes of the year. Leftside Wobble have been responsible for a handful of really fresh remixes of late, and this polish of one of electronic music’s pinnacle tracks is on the money. Without disturbing the original vibe too much, the track has been given tougher bottom end and a little filtering, and the rest is left to the undeniably good rhythm and groove to do their work, letting it ride out for a full seven minutes. Jump on the FREE download on this one for sure. Superb.

Slow Guys - iO
Another tune in a more chilled region, but with some really bumpy, energetic percussion. This little slice of UK garage bounces like its about to pop, with a every drum hit sounding sparkly and bright. A few interestingly cut vocal stabs keep proceedings light and the cool breeze melody just cruises along for the ride. Thanks to Slow Guys and Get Some UK, this  gem is ready for your FREE downloading pleasure.

DJ mix of the week...
Karma Kid Minimix - 54 Tracks in 15 minutes!
A very impressive fifteen minutes of UK funky fury, tearing through genres that, although often cut & dropped during sets, are rarely slammed together with this kind of density. Karma Kid smashes through tune after tune, often with elements of around four tunes at once. Everything from funky, garage, hip hop, rnb, deep house and breaks is represented, and trainspotters should be well pleased with the hefty bag of underground hits and commercial cuts that have been wedged into the mix. The Kid must have worked up a sweat on this one.

live selection...
Azealia Banks - 212 & Firestarter, live at Coachella 2012.
With the word out in this part of the World that Ms. Banks will be visiting us at the end of summer, I thought it might be nice to see what she’s like when she gets on stage. I won’t say this is the best performance I’ve ever seen, as the backing track and habit of stopping singing is a bit annoying, but the vid does show this girl can rap and can sing. Morphing your best known hit into a Prodigy cover is a ballsy maneuver, but I think she just managed to pull it off. Who knows - maybe we’ll see The Prodigy and Azealia Banks on the same stage come Future Music Festival?

under the radar...
Cherokee - Take Care of You (2011)
I picked up a really quality Cherokee remix of Daft Punk’s Something About Us about eighteen months ago, but this must have just slipped by me. With the same slammin’ funky vibe and punchy bass this slowed down jam is all mirror balls and spinning lights and sunglasses on inside. Thankfully, it’s still up as a FREE download, so you can slide into your sequin one piece, blowdry your coiffed hair, and get groovin’.

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