written by Danny Silver / July 15 2012

A couple of weeks off has revived and refreshed the hunt for new sounds, and it's turned up some real gems. Plenty of FREE downloads inside too...
After a bit of a break in the DL, the music has understandably started coming at me from all directions, so this week’s selection is a real mixed bag. There’s some in your face trap bass, soft chillwave, funking slomo disco, whistling folk-hop and any other weird non-genre you can think of. There’s also a fabulous debut album which we’ll be streaming from 4pm today (GMT+10) on Gashe Radio (, so jump in and let your ears bathe in sweet new sound.

Quentin 707 - Straight2Voicemail
A very fresh cut for you right here: This dropped onto Soundcloud only a few hours before this article was put up, but the searingly smooth chillwave requires your immediate attention. Woozy, thick synths recline into some ultra wide, low ride bass. The sounds here a really big, but manage to all cooperate well and basically just chill out together. Lie back and listen to this with the subby up high. Also, check Quentin 707’s remix of Call Me Maybe (yes, it’s the tune you think it is - kind of) which is a FREE download.

Take One ft. Didjelirium - Bath Salts
Constantly on a globe spanning mission of collaborations and unusual combinations, Didjelirium lends his politically charged lyrics to what sounds like a rework of medieval folk melody. The raps are tight and well informed, and the plucking lute and olden flute somehow sit nicely with flickering snares and a thick bass kick. Taking hiphop where it might otherwise never go to, this is also a FREE download.

Sneaky Sound System - Friends (Beni remix)
I’ve never been a huge SSS fan in the past, but Beni has got the house music Midas touch. By downpitching the vocals and squeezing in a tough, tight acid wobble, Friends has been given a vintage makeover. Sounding like it was dug up in the early 90’s, but so much polish, this straight slice of house heaven is being given away for FREE by the good sorts at Modular Records.

Ryan Marks - Fiji
‘Trap’ seems like it’s the buzz genre of the month. The almost chauvinist, obnoxious style lies somewhere in the intersections of juke, moombahton, and hiphop, and it’s just a lot freakin’ fun. Fiji is huge - scatter bomb percussion, gigantic echoing bass drops, and razor sharp claps make for an absolute club destroyer with it’s swagger firmly in place.

The Lonely Smoker - London Calling
The soulful side of this week’s selection comes in the form of some slow motion disco funk. With a very funky horn loop, swaying strings, percussion that’s barely there yet so strong, and a build that just keeps on climbing. Perfect for low-lit rooms and cruisey evenings, this is a FREE download and one you should definitely add to the ‘candle light’ playlist.

album/ep of the week...
Solid Light - Passwords
Known to his mum as Dan Steele, Solid Light is the responsible party for one spectacular debut effort. Taking the true concept of an album to create a cohesive journey through varied sonic landscapes, the Passwords album is an engaging and refreshing listen. The genre cues are clearly there, but serve the bigger picture rather than boxing anything in. Every track is unique in it’s style, with elements of left field electronica, hiphop, blues, disco, funk, and even a touch of mariachi shining among the varied vocal guests and innovative instrumentation. As well as being Solid Light’s debut long player, Paswords is also the first full length release for the Bad Party Records imprint, and if this is setting the bar, we’re likely to see a heap more top notch stuff coming from everyone involved. It’s out now, so have a listen and then jump on it!

video of the week...
Jared Ficklin - New ways to see music (TED Longbeach, July 2012)
Not the usual live concert recording or great music video, this is a short presentation via the well known TED series. If you want to get your geek on then watch and see how fire gets used to show waveforms and actually see what a Nirvana track ‘looks’ like. I really want to use that flame table idea...

under the radar...
Burial - Etched Headplate (2007)
Taken from the brilliant Untrue album which also holds gems such as Shell of Light, and Archangel, this is a crackling garage beat dipped in pure beauty. If you haven’t listened to this at all or in a while, just do yourself a favour and revisit some Burial.